Inflatable Rentals Bounce House Rentals at Hillsboro Ohio 45133 We offer bounce house rentals and inflatable rentals at the areas lowest price. We offer a mobile laser tag experience that's perfect for your party

$165 + Mileage

4 Hour Rentals


Mileage  fee is distance between our business to your location.

​$2.50 per mile. Please call for deliveries over 20 miles. 

​5789 US Hwy 62, Hillsboro, Ohio 45133


$275 + Mileage

MEGA Slide

Mini Jumper Bounce House

$165 + Mileage

$215 + Mileage

Bounce House requirements:

For the safety of your guests, the bounce houses must be set-up on a dry, level surface, within 50 feet from the power source. A 20 amp circuit is necessary for each bounce unit.

Roaring Rainforest is approx. 12' wide, 22' deep, and 15' high

Royal Castle 21' wide,  13' deep, 15' high

Speed of Light Laser Tag
5879 US 62 Hillsboro, OH 45133 US
Phone: (937)402-4910 Website:

Cool your guests down with the Roaring Rainforest water slide &

splash pool!​​

                                        Speed of Light Laser Tag

5879 US Route 62 Hillsboro, Ohio 45133

(937) 402-4910

Speed of Light Laser Tag offers something that isn't offered anywhere else in our area. People in this area have learned that if you want to go out and do something, this means you leave town first. Why leave town during the nice summer months when you can have fun and excitement brought directly to your home?

Speed of Light Laser Tag offers bounce house rentals for your next get-together. We have a several models to choose from. A standard bouncer that measures 13 foot by 13 foot by 10 feet high. A inflatable with mini slide that measure 13 foot by 14 foot by 9 feet high. These type of bounce houses are perfect for children who are 8 years of age and younger.
These inflatable bounce house units will book fast. Hurry while supplies last to schedule your bounce house rental.

Bounce House Rentals, and Inflatable Rentals

Approx. 13' wide, 13' deep, and 10' high

Magic Castle Bounce House

Royal Castle

Alien nick

Mega Slide 13' wide,  24' deep, 18' high

$315 + Mileage